Diane Ward
190 Livermore Flats
Whitefish, MT 59937





About Us


Our names are Diane and Dick Ward. We bought our farm in January 2000 after many years of visiting our daughter and her family who lived in Whitefish. It took us another 5 years before we were able to retire from our jobs in Charlotte, NC and make Whitefish, Montana our permanent home. We brought with us three Border Collies, three Paso Fino Horses and one year old Kerry Bog Pony. We promptly added 20 chickens and ten Merino sheep.


It has always been my dream to be a farmer and to have animals at the core of my existence. My start was slow, however, with horses entering my North Carolina life at the age of 50, and Katahdin sheep (used for training my Border Collies to herd) at 55. As these animals were kept and cared for at a friend’s farm, we were still not “farmers”. Now we are, at least hobby farmers , my husband, Dick, joining me in this dream.


The Katahdin hair sheep stayed in NC and sheep whose wool I could use, the Merinos, joined us. The dogs no longer are used for sheep dog trials but now have real herding work helping me with daily chores on the farm. We raise our own vegetables and eggs and some of our meat from our lambs. As a former vegetarian, this is a big change for me, but I now want to know where my food comes from and raise our own or buy from local farmers when we can.


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