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Free Range Chicken Eggs for Sale $3.00/doz.


We usually keep about 40 hens and three roosters. We have all varieties – Buff Orpingtons, Americanas, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Black Sex Links and our latest addition, the rare Black Copper Marans. Our chickens are only used for laying eggs and the eggs come in a variety of colors – blues and greens, all shades of browns and a few white ones.

The chickens are truly free-range.  They are closed up at night in the hen house for their protection from predators and during the day are free to roam the farm.  You’ll find them in the sheep barn with the sheep, in the horse barn when the horses are out in the pasture, out in the fields and driveways and hay barn - anywhere there just might be something good to eat. And they have friendships.  Usually the same two, three or four are roaming together.  At dusk (and with the help of the Border Collies), they put themselves away.  Their egg laying is usually in the hen house but we often go on egg hunts to find new laying places.  It keeps life interesting.

Eggs from chickens that are free range and can choose what they eat, (along with the basic diet of good quality chicken feed) are tastier and more nutritious.







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