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The “star” of our farm is an Irish Kerry Bog Pony, named Mid-Somer Magic, who was born in 2005. This breed of pony is an old Irish work pony that was used by the poor peasants of Ireland to carry the dried peat bricks from the bogs in baskets or sleMagicdges back to the farm to be used as firewood. They also carried seaweed from the beaches to be used as fertilizer and pulled the family to church in a cart.

While on a trip to Ireland in 2004, we discovered that the Kerry Bog Pony had nearly become extinct and that there was now an effort to bring these ponies back. Only 20 were left in the mid 1990’s. The numbers now are around 350 in Ireland and about 50 in the US. Magic is the 10th pony registered in the US and she and her son are the only Kerry Bog Ponies west of the Mississippi.

We bought Magic as a 5 month old. In the summer of 2008 she was bred to Dempsey Bog, Ireland’s most famous Kerry Bog stallion, and she had her foal on June 16th, 2009. His name is Dempsey’s Bog Merlin. He is a gorgeous chestnut pony with a white star. Merlin now lives near Bigfork, MT, he is being used as a lesson horse for children who are learning to ride. He can also be ridden by small adults, and cart pulling is also part of his heritage.


Merlin 3 years old Merlin Leaping
Dempsey’s Bog Merlin at 3 Years Old Young Merlin leaping
 with delight
Merlin and Magic
Merlin and Magic

  The Kerry Bog Ponies are sweet natured horses, willing to work and learn and very confident in their manner. They are 10 to 12 hands and come in all colors.


Paso Fino Horses:

 Gallero and Dick


Coming to horses and riding at an advanced age (50 for me), we needed a horse that was a comfortable ride.  The Paso Fino is a gaited horse with no bounce.  Paso Fino literally means “fine step”.  We can ride comfortably for hours and not feel sore.

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