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Merino and Cormo lambs for sale
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Merino and Cormo lambs for sale, available in August. Both breeds are fine wool sheep with Cormo (a Corriedale-Merino cross) being less well known but passing Merino in fineness of fiber (micron count). We have both white ewe lambs and white wethers for sale. Prices are – Merino ewe lambs $300, wethers $250. Cormo ewe lambs $350, wethers $275. We have 5 ewe lambs and 4 wethers


Merino Sheep




Merino sheep began in Spain and were imported to the United States by Thomas Jefferson.  They are now grown extensively in New Zealand as well as in the US.  They are a fine wool sheep, producing a fiber that does not itch. This is due to the fineness of the fiber.  They come in a range of colors, white, gray, black and brown.  They are a very gentle natured sheep, with strong herding instincts and are good mothers to their offspring.  The rams have the distinctive curly horns. Merino wool can be worn close to the body because of its comfort factor and because it has antibacterial properties which cause it to be odorless.  This is why so many of the long underwear products are being made of merino wool.  It naturally wicks moisture away from the body.

Cormo Sheep

Cormo Sheep are a Merino/Corriedale cross bred sheep. We are building a herd of Cormo sheep who are also a fine wool sheep.




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